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Uncle Fester’s Tips for a Miserable Friday 13th

My favourite day of the year is here – Friday 13th!

Friday 13th is considered to be one of the unluckiest days of the year and I love it. Lots of spooky and wonderful things have happened on this day dating right back to the Middle Ages.

In numerology 13 is considered to be an irregular number and is also the number of witches you need to form a coven. Witches brew is the perfect reason to gather your friends around a cauldron.

One of the most popular myths of the Friday 13th superstition stems from events on Friday 13 October 1307, when hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France. Some have even claimed that Friday 13th was the day Eve bit the apple from the Tree of Knowledge and the day that the great flood began in the bible.

Some people have Paraskavedekatriaphobia – which is the fear of Friday 13th, I certainly do not have this.  1 in 20 people will stay indoors on Friday 13th to try and avoid any unluckiness, that’s just madness to me!  Some streets don’t even have a number 13, many airlines will omit a row 13 and many hotels, such as the Carlton in London, miss out a thirteenth floor.

If you’re wanting to have a truly unlucky Friday 13th, just follow these simple steps…

  • Don’t wait for it to rain before you put up your umbrella, just open it in your house.
  • Make sure to stroke every black cat you see.
  • No need for mirrors, you look ugly enough as it is so just smash every mirror in your house. Do your neighbour a favour too and break theirs for them.
  • Don’t miss a second in the full moon, perfect for working on your ghostly complexion.
  • Go to your local theatre and make sure to say Macbeth to every actor there.
  • At dinner time make sure to spill salt all over the table.
  • Place a ladder by every door so people have to walk under them to get through.
  • Friday 13th is the perfect day to spot a single magpie so get your binoculars out.

Remember it’s considered bad luck to start a journey on Friday 13th so make sure you take some time out of your day today to book tickets for your journey on Friday 13 October 2017, I can hardly wait!

Wishing you a horrific Friday 13th,

– Uncle Fester

Les Dennis as Uncle Fester